Let’s Discuss This! What Do You Make Of Guru Requesting A Feature From Kuame Eugene?


Guru and Kuame Eugene of Lnynx Entertainment have taken over Ghana social media in the entertainment space with their ongoing brawl. However, their issue has created direct schools of different opinions among Ghanaian netizens.

While one group is in defends oKuame Eugene and Lynx Entertainment and the label CEO Richie Mensah, the other group is in support of Guru, the NKZ terminology crooner.

According to the first group of students in Guru’s school, Guru did the right thing to approach Kuame Eugene for a feature because they are both good artistes doing well in the Ghana Music Industry.

This school has based their interpretation of the situation base on Guru’s perspective of the ongoing brawl.

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According to Guru, he only made the approach for a feature from the The Rockstar terminology crooner only because he respects Kuame Eugene and his artistic talent. Guru said he has acknowledged the creativity of Eugene’s  and his good music and that was the only thing that pinched him to request a feature from the Lynx Entertainment signed artist Kuame Eugene who is arguably the face of the record label currently and doing well in the Ghana Music Industry as well.

However, the second group of students in Lynx Entertainment School also defends Kuame Eugene for turning down rapper Guru’s request for a feature.

According to this school of thought, Kuame Eugene stood up for his boss Richie Mensah and holds the statusco of Lynx Entertainment.

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Kuame Eugene has earlier made a ‘disrespectful’ explosive statement that, Guru only contacted him for a feature because Guru wanted a hit song for a rebirth of his almost dead career.

With this, his supporters argue that, there is no way Kuame Eugene should help Guru when there’s a serious unresolved brawl between his boss Richie Mensha and Guru.

But responding in a long epistle shared on Facebook, Guru said he is known to be a rapper who has no worries of releasing hit songs. He supported his argument with facts that he has consistently released hit songs over a decade in the Ghana Music Industry. Again, Guru affirmed that, he only contacted Kuame Eugene because he has recognized his talent as a young star in the industry.

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So, what do you make of these two distinctive explanation from these two incredible artistes? Was Guru right to make the approach or Kuame Eugene was right for turning down the request?

Add your view in the comment section box below.

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