NL ALBUM REVIEW!! What’s Your Honest Review About Joeboy’s New Album “Something Between Beauty & Magic”?


You will think after the many hits JOEBOY gave us he doesn’t need any introductions, then again you remember Jesus was around many years ago some people still know nothing about him hence evangelism.

JOEBOY is a Nigerian superstar who has mastered the act of making hits. His Discography tells the rest of the story.

The news about his debut album sent waves through the spines of his fans.

After a first listen I expect JOEBOY to win like his namesake in America, and he did just that with some icing on top.

Now let us decipher this masterpiece stuck between BEAUTY AND MAGIC.

COUNT ME OUT: The album ‘Something between Beauty and Magic’ opens the curtains with Count me out. What a spectacular way to start this journey with Joeboy. Mellow tune!

Telling his story with all the confidence in his chest, give these lyrics to a rapper and you just might have a super inspirational rap piece.

FOCUS: This is where JOEBOY needs your attention. He needs you to “FOCUS“. This is a beautiful mid-tempo song. You can be sure I will be singing this to my girl for a long time even though she won’t understand half of it and that’s okay.

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NUMBER ONE: If you are a fan, this is very Joeboyesque. Soft, mid-tempo! Headphones on and you might just find yourself in Joe’s headspace.

POLICE: This is not the favourite word for anyone, but this kid was able to make it into a song and you can be certain the Police force of the world will be proud that Joe was able to make an outcast almost loveable, but indeed what are we without the police, LAWLESS IDIOTS!

DOOR: Who titles a beautiful song “DOOR“? Tekno is that you? JOEBOY just did. Nod head, shake body to this one.

Let me add here that if you were looking for something around the region of Olamide, Baddo, Lil Kesh, Naira Marley or Zlatan, it’s time to stop listening cos this one is mid-tempo all through.

Don’t say I have never ‘Bruno Fernandez’ you in life cos I just did.

SHOW ME: In my opinion, after listening to this album, Joe has shown me all I need to see. Tune!!!

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RUNAWAY: This is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are in love like myself, this is the song for you to enjoy alone. Appreciate what you have.

LONELY: This jam was released as a single off the album. Lonely gave a glimpse of what to expect on the album.

Honestly, I don’t want to be lonely tonight hence why I am rushing home after last night’s shift.

CONSENT: If for anything, I like the use of this word as a song title because sometimes you listen to the news and what you hear is very appalling.

ALL MEN old or young need to UNDERSTAND what this word really means. All of us need to be schooled about consent, obviously it’s never too much.

OSHE: Thank you H❤. Jam!!!

OH: Somebody remind me please, did Tekno not have a song in this title, but who cares haha! The bounce of this one is very good. For those addicted to Legwork, obviously, JOEBOY put you into consideration. Enjoy!

SUGAR MAMA: Who doesn’t want a sugar mama? Joe describes Sugar Mama as a communicator that’s quite a rare trait to find these days. If and when you find your Sugar Mama, you better preserve it, a lot of sugar ants out there.

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BETTER THING: Who no like better thing? Joeboy’s debut album is BETTER THING!

CELEBRATION: This one needs no introduction. What a way to draw the curtains. I cannot think about a better way to close this body of work.

It is all-encompassing. Hope, prayer, faith, and Joeboy’s way of saying I WON.

To listen and download the full album CLICK HERE



If you ask me (which you will not, but I will tell anyways) I would think this album is stuck somewhere between 8/10.

An impressive way to self introduce to the world.

Now, over to you guys 👇

What’s Your Honest Review About Joeboy’s New Album “Something Between Beauty & Magic”?

On The Scale Of 0-10, How Would You Rate The Album?

Drop your comments



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