Sexiness comes with an effortless gorgeousness ― Angela Eguavoen


Delectable Nollywood actress, Angela Eguavoen, who is a graduate of the University of Ibadan started acting in 2013. She’s one of many entertainers who have social media to thank for quick transition in the movie industry. She is an actor and a producer. She is the producer of the popular film “Stillborn” and has featured in many films. In this interview with Potpourri, she lays her world bare for all to see.


When I started acting I was still in the university, combining my academics with my career was a major problem but I had to halt my career, faced my academics squarely and I came back when I was done with school and NYSC. I am so glad I didn’t sidelined my education because the course I studied(English/Literature) has really helped in this career path I’ve chosen.

Opinion on sex

Sex is a beautiful thing, when you get to have it with someone who is into you as much as you’re into them, it is a blessing. Anytime this is the case I am never a good girl when it is time for action

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On relationship

I love relationships, I love love. But I’d rather remain single than being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect me, have my back, or support me and most importantly, my career.

On marriage

I am going to get married to the love of my life some day. But for now, I am single as they come.

On being sexy

Being sexy to me means being confident, in charge and comfortable in one’s own body. That being said, there’s a trait in everybody that makes them look so sexy to others. Sexiness comes with an effortless gorgeousness. Hey girl, please flaunt your body if you are very comfortable doing it, the body belongs to you, do whatever pleases you.

Social media

Social media is a blessing to every actor. It is the new acting CV and audition because a lot of filmmakers get to see your work even without you knowing. So, it has really helped my career.

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Embarrassing moment

It was when I fell into a gutter on my way to a film set. It was raining heavily that day and the driver couldn’t continue the journey, so he stopped at a bus stop. I quickly ran towards the shade so as not to get drenched by the rain. Unknowingly to me that there was a very deep gutter covered by the flood ahead. I fell inside with my bag soaked from head to toe. It was a really big struggle as I couldn’t get out myself, but thank God for the good Samaritans around who dragged me out. I probably would’ve been swept away by the flood. To crown it all up the producer refused to pay my artist fee. It’s been years now and I am grateful for how far I have come.

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Turn-on in the opposite sex

Funny, dark/light-skinned, tall, generous and romantic guys, clean and smells good are a huge turn on for me. Once he is dirty, smells awkward, nonchalant or not lively in any way, I just get turned off.

Special talent

I am a versatile actor. I always bring my A-game to every project; I strip myself of Angela and become the character I am playing and I do anything feasible to portray my character greatly.

Ultimate goal

To become not just a household name but a global entity. One whose success inspires people. I intend to build other brands outside entertainment. To touch and transform as many lives as possible. I am really keen on helping people, I intend to become better at doing that.

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