MMA2 acquires $500,000 x-ray machines


Joseph Olaoluwa

The Management of Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited, operator of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, Terminal 2 says it has spent $500,000 importing a sizeable number of X-ray machines to enhance and accelerate the screening of passengers and cargoes.

According to a press statement by Group Corporate Affairs Manager of BASL, Mikail Mumuni, on Sunday, the airport is considering an upgrade in air-conditioning systems for passengers’ safety, security and comfort.

Mumuni said, “Massive resources are also being deployed to upgrade our air conditioning system for the comfort of passengers as we always treat our customers as kings and queens.”

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The BASL spokesman said the ongoing upgrading of the facilities was part of the company’s determination to continue to give Nigeria an airport terminal comparable to those available in developed economies.

He said, “To satisfy our customers, we had to buy 50 per cent of the money required for the importation of the X-ray machines from the parallel market as the Central Bank of Nigeria was only able to allocate 50 per cent to us.

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“This, when added to the amount spent on the air conditioners, is a huge investment on our part, especially at this pandemic period when businesses are at low ebb and because BASL is not a beneficiary of the Federal Government’s COVID-19 palliatives to the aviation sector.”

Bi-Courtney Limited was granted a concession by the Federal Government of Nigeria to design, build and operate MMA2.

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The company is required under the concession agreement to transfer MMA2 to the Federal Government after 36 years.

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