Mihlali Ndamase Almost Got Shot At Garage After Asking Man Why He Was Looking At Her


YouTuber and content creator Mihlali Ndamase took to her Twitter account to announce her ordeal about how a man almost shot her for asking him why he was weirdly staring at her.

It is no secret that Mihlali Ndamase is a beauty to behold, and it is tough not to stare at her stunning body when she is passing by. But to the point of over staring can leave one very uncomfortable even when you are Mihlali Ndamase.

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The star has always been complaining on her social media page about how people keep staring at her when she is out but this time found the boldness to tell this strange man only for this man to be put off.

Taking to her social media account the influencer wrote: “A guy just threatened to shoot me at a garage because I asked what he’s looking at. How do you walk up to me in a store aisle, stand & stare then get upset when asked what’s up. I was so scared because he had his hand in his pants so he actually could’ve done it.

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Imagine threatening to kill someone at a garage in broad daylight. I’m still low-key shaken, the whole time I was standing there thinking he’d actually get away with it…Cherry on top, nobody said anything,” she said.

“This man was screaming at me swearing guys, swearing like I did something to him because I asked what he’s looking at. Even the petrol attendants outside asked him what’s wrong when he walked out. Hayi I can’t believe it.”

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Many trolls got after her after she announced her sad ordeal and the star clapped back at them and told them to back off.

“Also what we not gonna do is discuss indlela endibuze ngayo ( the way I asked him) men are so entitled. Nothing makes threatening someone okay. Don’t annoy me please, already ndinaar.”

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