Introducing Patricia’s Primer, a quarterly educational series on cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies have been in the news a lot lately. Record-breaking prices, increasing adoption, and backing from many leading global financial institutions. With so much going on, how does one make sense of it all?

How about going back to the basics, and understanding how we got here in the first place?

Like personal computers in the 1980s, many people view cryptocurrencies as a complicated subject. It need not be.

To help people trying to understand crypto better as a phenomenon or those considering crypto as an investment or means of exchange, the team at Patricia, a leading crypto platform, have put together Patricia’s Primer to help readers find their way. Crypto to the people!

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Why crypto? What problems does it solve? How can one start investing in it? What amber lights should one watch out for? It’s always good to ask questions. Knowledge is power.

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Patricia’s Primer will be published quarterly as an educational series to teach readers about cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin.

Some of the interesting topics to be covered in this edition are:

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• Highlights of 2020 in crypto
• Why cryptocurrencies are rising in importance
• Their proposition for addressing the crisis of confidence facing the traditional money system
• Events and trends shaping the cryptospace
• Public attitudes towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies
• The evolving regulatory frameworks
• Opportunities for investing and trading
• Measures to protect your purse in markets that remain lightly regulated.

Patricia Technologies Ltd. provides technology and infrastructure that enable financial value exchanges in a secure, trusted environment.

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The company offers services that span turnkey FinTech solutions development, and peer-to-peer trading in digital currencies on Patricia, its crypto platform.

Patricia is on a mission to empower users with easy, transparent, and efficient access to virtual currency price discovery, trading opportunities, and wallet storage delivered through a sophisticated user experience.

Patricia’s Engineering team works with clients across lending, personal finance, payments processing, security, authentication, anti-fraud countermeasures, and other financial services verticals to build winning market propositions.


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