Nigeria full of successful transactional politicians, but no leadership— NCFront


Nigeria full of successful transactional politicians, but no leadership— NCFront

The frontline political pressure group, National Consultative Front, NCFront, has said Nigeria’s political space was filled with transactional politicians and hit with a scarcity of leadership, which is why NCFront is engaged in public enlightenment on how to select leaders.

NCFront said the problem with the current leadership recruitment system was that it is a political-industrial complex that works in favour of the political class and not in favour of the people, so it subverts the very purpose of development.

Therefore, NCFront said: “Our democracy has descended into the government of politicians, by politicians and for politicians. This is why we have a crisis of democracy.” Read about its move to form a mega-party HERE.

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One of the leaders of the political movement, Professor Kingsley Moghalu, former Deputy Governor of CBN, former presidential candidate and now UN Development Programme, UNDP, Special Envoy on Post-COVID Development Finance for Africa, made these points on Channels TV, Wednesday.

According to the Moghalu, “We need Nigerians to be politically conscious and not just people who want to go about their daily bread. When you do that (don’t participate), you leave the political space to be populated by the wrong type of people.

“That is why we have a lot of successful transactional politicians, while leadership is scarce. We need men and women of vision, character and integrity.

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“We need people who are committed, live and breathe the prosperity and security of Nigeria. These are the kind of people we should be electing and appointing into public offices.”

He said Nigerians will have a role to play, “because they are the real boss; what they want is what is supposed to be done.

“But because Nigerians are weak, hungry, poor, illiterate, politicians use them to legitimise themselves and keep themselves in power every four years.

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“So we have a ritual of democracy but deny the power thereof. Nigerians have fallen for a scam.

“This is why we are saying we now need to select leaders and not just successful politicians. That is the point of public education we need to engage in and on.

“Nigerians of conscience have stepped forward to say we need to educate our people to know how to select leaders; to be informed voters,” Moghalu said.

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