Police Arrest Two For International Child Pornography In Kano


Operatives of the Nigeria Police Interpol National Central Bureau have arrested two suspects for allegedly engaging in international child pornography.

The suspects, based in Kano, are identified as Ibrahim Mohammad Aminu and Mohammad Tahir Umar.

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Both men are accused of taking advantage of underage girls by sexually abusing them, making video recordings of the acts and sharing them on a Whatsapp group chat known as “Pervertidos”, owned and managed by a Brazilian called Adriana.

“Exhibits recovered from the suspects include three mobile phones and a laptop. Forensic investigation/analysis carried out by the police team on the gadgets revealed the series of pornographic/erotic videos with underage girls which the suspects shared on the internet for a fee denominated in US dollars,” a statement by the police on Sunday read.

“Meanwhile, the IGP notes that a total of 2,792 suspects were arrested by the police for Sexual and Gender Based Violence and other sexual related offences in the year 2020.

“The IGP enjoins parents and guardians to keep a close watch on their children and wards and report any incidents of abuse against women and children.

“He expresses his displeasure with the prevailing culture of silence in concealing crimes against women and children and calls for improved collaboration with the police, assuring that the Force is well repositioned to protect women and children and confront violent crimes in the country.”





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