Good friends bring hope in time of crisis


In the order of relationships, friends are the least appreciated after marriage and family which has strong connections. The largest drop of friends usually take place during wedding which may also serve as a warning to the gathering of good friends the couple’s intention to enter marital solitary confinement. However, the current situation has made it vital for couples to appreciate the importance of individual liberty.

Friends bring a sense of belonging

Even though your marriage may be everything you have ever imagined, and the lockdown has made you even closer, you must also make space for each other to breathe and take time out to communicate with the world outside your marriage so that you can both enjoy a sense of belonging.

Though your spouse may take it personal and misinterpret your desire to get in touch with your friends as a selfish act for breaking your marriage rules, it will also become clearer who the selfish person in the marriage really is.

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Friends leave a vacuum

It is often common for couples to hold their new marriage as the highest priority and forget the friends they once shared their lives with because they no longer find pleasure in their old ways now that they have each other; such marriage often lacks purpose because it is based on assumption. However, if your spouse can no longer drive the excitement in your marriage due to the pressure of filling the vacuum your friends left behind, the situation can create a hostile atmosphere filled with resentment and regret.

Keeping your good friends and making new friends is important during this pandemic and creating the time to stay in touch with them on social media or telephone conversation is key to your individual mental health and wellbeing. Sharing your feelings with others to get their perspectives on how to manage the current situation can reduce your anxiety and mitigate looming conflicts within.

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Friends bring positive perspectives

Your marriage and friendships are two separate elements, and one should not compete with the other as both are vital to both your health and wellbeing. Marriage comes with the added benefit of sharing a unique bond with one person which is deeper than the one shared with one friend. On the other hand, good friends will bring a different perspective to the table and give you the balance you need to navigate the challenges your marriage may be facing especially if you share a strong and honest relationship with them.

Friends are like shields

Your marriage or spouse should not change your personality and the relationship you once enjoyed with your good friends bearing in mind that life is not always a bed of roses. Many marriages end in divorce or separation and some couples face the period of misery due to health challenges and suddenly find themselves feeling lonely and abandoned.

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Without friendships, life can be miserable and lonely when the inevitable happens. This can expose you and your spouse’s vulnerability as incompetent individuals who failed to build relationships with people or nurture the ones they once had before your marriage. There are many friends like families who will be prepared to stand by you even when families take a step backwards.

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