Catastrophic errors in the handling of coronavirus | Letters


Alan Walker cannot forgive the the absence of protection for care homes, Richard Smith recalls Boris Johnson’s scrapping of a pandemic committee, and Peter Watts says the death toll can be attributed to six pre-Covid factors. Plus letters from Linda Karlsen, Maggie Winters and Teresa Heeks

In an otherwise exemplary catalogue of government errors in response to the pandemic, it is astonishing that Devi Sridhar omitted the most heinous of all: the absence of protection for care homes (Here are five ways the government could have avoided 100,000 Covid deaths, 27 January).

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As a result of this catastrophic error, more than 26,000 people have died needlessly – a quarter of the total deaths and eight times the equivalent death rate in Germany. Moreover, two distinct waves of the virus have been allowed to sweep through care homes, with no sign of any lessons being learned from the first wave.

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