Buhari Too Should Go Now! By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi


After committing several crimes against humanity through LekkiMassacre, Oyigbo Massacre, Shiites killings, and the recent Orlu murders; General Buratai and his cohorts serving President Buhari and the APC and their cruel wars just resigned. 

It is not amazing as the Service Chiefs are supposed to be arrested immediately for all these crimes. Major Adeniyi and other soldiers who have been wrongly prosecuted for saying the hard truths should be released unconditionally! 

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

But in all of these, President Buhari should resign too!

He has failed in all duties as president especially in the three sectors in the APC manifesto: Anti-Corruption; Economy, and Security. All three have been minuses for such a government of impunity.

While we ask Buhari to join the outgoing service chiefs, he is a point of contact to all our rulers accross the length and breadth. They have all failed! Naira is devalued and worthless. Oil is deregulated and only oil merchants are happy. We want a country where majority of millions of people will be happy, not a tiny few.

What we need now is a new Nigeria that is away from war and want. We must do away with greed and power and all policies of the oppressors. All oppressed should unite whether Igbo or Fulani as it is those in power that are the root causes of the crimes and clashes that we witness everywhere. No people in Nigeria is spared from the madness of these rogues in power. This is why we must take away this thieving class and take back power to the ordinary people.

Buhari is obviously a failure. He must go now!



Original Author

Kunle Wizeman Ajayi

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