Having Children early: what is the right Age for Ladies and Men to start having Kids?


The question of what is the actual age for a man and a lady to begin having children is some that is serious that shouldn't be overemphasize.

Firstly delay in having children should have come with a reason.

Some reason people give, is financial imbalance or pursuing careers.

But the question they also failed to ask themselves is what will be the end of my career if at the end, I don't have children to take over from where I stop?

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Another question is what is will be my gain if I don't make  money and I don't have children.

Having said that, we will give you perfect time to get married and have kids you don't regret in your old age.

For men the right time to marry or have children is from the age of 28 to 34 years.

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While ladies from 25yrs to 30yrs is okay, if it will be late, at list 35yrs.


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