Whom  I am, how can I overcome Low Self-esteem


I know many of you people has been asking yourselves these question "Whom I am" for long time, and couldn't get the right answer to the question.

And some people has been battling with low Self-esteem for long without find solution to it.

The fact remain; whom I am and low Self-esteem are not the same, but low Self-esteem person can ask him/herself the question whom  I am?.

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Before we proceed let get to understand what we actually referred to whom I am?.

Whom I am, is a simple question which someone ask him/herself, most especially when something is not going as unexpected in life.

Some people who attained greatness sometimes ask themselves the questions.

The question whom I am, is a self ask question to x-ray self lifestyle.

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While Low Self-esteem, is the greatest disease that has killed so many people dream.

There many cause of Low Self-esteem, which often affects young people.

One of the major cause of low Self-esteem family value.

When parents are not in good terms with each other, that may in turn affect children.

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Lack of parents:, children who has lost both parents, sometimes may end up not believing in it self, which may lead to low Self-esteem.

Peer pressure: peer Pressure

To be continued


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