How to be happy as the journey of 2021 Begin


As we all know last year has been stressful due to lot of things that has happen.

In 2020, everyone in the world apart from personal issues, were also badly affected directly on indirectly from covid-19 outbreak.

Some families loses there love once to the pandemic.

Over billion of people across the globe lost their job last year.

Many relationship were cut shot due to covid-19 lockdown.

Business were force to close, the year 2020 could be described as one of the worst year for over a decades now.

In what ever situations, that brought sad moment last, I want you to realize that, that is past tense now, we are in year 2021, which is an opportunity for you to redefined your existence as human being.


First thing to know is that root of happiness, didn't come from money, root of happiness didn't come from material things, root of happiness didn't cone from numbers of people around.

If it money, their people with money today but didn't find peace in their mind.

So money can't never give happiness.

Like A Nigeria Billionaire Femi Otedola Said, "All the money I made didn't give me the happiness I thought it could".

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Just like money, you could acquire any kind of material things you like, but that simply can't give happiness.

Also some people around you are bunch of problems, so people around something can't grant you happiness.

The only things which can give you peace of mind is yourself.

The moments you find yourself engaged with what you love doing most, that will be the beginning of your happiness.

Also let go off things from your mind, children are free because they don't have anything in their minds, so to be happy in 2021, free your mind from people problems, free yourself in gathering what people has done to you.

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I want you to know that if you can lose something dear to you, and your let go off the pain on your mind few months after, then you can let go off any problems in your life, so learn the spirit of forgiveness.

That will give you peace mind and happiness in 2021.


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