How to avoid early Pregnancy Miscarriage


The day which Woman missed her period to three month is refer to early pregnancy, "called 1st Trimester. Trimesters is a state which pregnancy is segregate base on months.

1st to 3rd month of pregnancy state is called 1st Trimesters.

3rd month to 6th month s called 2nd Trimester.

6th month to 9th months is called 3rd Trimesters.

1st Trimester period is very fragile period for very pregnant woman, in the senses that any little mistake can result to miscarriage.


This article going to give help tips to possibility avoid early pregnancy miscarriage.

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To avoid early pregnancy miscarriage,

Pregnancy Test

To avoid early pregnancy miscarriage, do a pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant.

The test should be done at list two week after the woman miss her regular monthly period.

Many woman miscarriages because, they don't even know that they are pregnant.

When you know you are pregnant, you will actually know how to take care of yourself.

Avoid Stress

A woman in her early pregnancy should avoid anything that will give her stressed, such as hard works, Juggling, running, playing ball etc.

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Early pregnancy is stage when baby is still forming, the baby is still blood encapsulated with light amniotic membrane.

Heavy work can lead to breakage of this membrane, which in turn cause miscarriages.

Avoid Self-Medication

Self medication is one of the major cause of early pregnancy miscarriages.

Many drugs are not suitable for pregnancy women mostly at the earlier stage.

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So see your doctor if you are sick.

Often time sickness at early state of pregnancy didn't required treatment.

But just see your doctor to prescribed drugs that is safe to take at that stage's.

Rough Sex

Rough sex, can lead to miscarriages.

Some women always said I need it harder, hit me had, hit harder to sake womb can lead to miscarriages, so when you are in your early pregnancy, pls avoid hit harder method of sex.


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