Effect of Lack of Sex Between couple's


Sex is an intercourse between opposites sex.

Sex is way of life which is expected that every animals must engaged in when they get to the age.

Sex is not meant for under age, that is reasons children don't have hormone that stimulate sexual activities.

As the young grow older, they begin to developed hormones which will prepared them for sexual life when they get to the age.

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When couple stop having sex, their are many things that may likely befall their relationships.

Such as


When couple stop having sex with each other, Their relationships became vulnerable to anger.

Many couples today are not in good term with each other simply because they stop having sex they way use to have it before.

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What should not lead to anything, will result to quarrel between them, because both of them are filled with angers.

Possible Solution, is that Couple Should be able to talk about it when to have sex.

They should negotiate and scheduled times for it.

Don't wait till when you are in the mood, because the time you as man will be in the mood, the woman may not be in the mood, so try balance the equation by setting timetable for sex.

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Another effect of lack of sex, is detachment.

Couple begin staying away from each others, they don't like touching each other anymore.

Finally, infidelity follow, which are engine to speedy divorce.


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